Vardhan Pansuriya

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Vardhan Pansuriya
"Where design meets practicality."
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Autodesk Revit
Rhinoceros 3D
Adobe Photoshop
  • Design development
  • Freehand sketching
  • Site Analysis
  • Sustainable Design
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  • Adobe Creative Suite
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EX 3 FALL 2023



"Bridgeside Oasis is a project rooted in the idea of enhancing the well-being of the community. We recognized a need among cyclists for a dedicated space to rest and rejuvenate, and our design seeks to address this issue comprehensively. Our facility features secure bike stands with the added assurance of surveillance cameras, relieving visitors of concerns about the safety of their parked bicycles. This secure environment encourages more people to opt for cycling, promoting a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation. Furthermore, we understand that the need for a restroom can be a critical one, especially for cyclists on the go. To ensure accessibility, we provide round-the-clock restroom services with continuous lighting. This not only offers convenience but also contributes to the safety and comfort of those using the facility at any time of day or night. But we didn't stop at the basics. We've also created beautiful and inviting seating spaces within the oasis. The design of these areas takes inspiration from the surrounding environment, creating a tranquil space for individuals to take a break and connect with the natural beauty of the location. Our project is more than just a structure; it's a reflection of our commitment to the community's well-being and a testament to the potential of architectural innovation to improve the quality of life. Bridgeside Oasis is a welcoming, secure, and functional space designed with people in mind."